Hypnotherapist Aleksander Gruncic Krajnc, M.D.

Even as a young boy, I was interested in everything that pushed the boundaries of everyday mental frameworks. I remember finding a book on autogenic training at my grandparents' house, and I began practicing it as a middle school student. 

At that time, I was particularly drawn to a book of aphorisms that I noticed were opening the limits of my mind.As I entered my teenage years, these interests faded somewhat, and I began to lose myself in a world where appearance, money, partnership, and education were deemed important. I recall experiencing a great deal of suffering during that period of my life.

During my medical studies, I had some mystical experiences in which I discovered my inseparable connection with this world and with other people. I felt increasingly drawn to exploring the realms of spirituality and the subconscious. Nonetheless, I had to balance this with the rigorously rational study of medicine.

Upon starting my career as a physician, I was quite disappointed with the working system, as I had to operate within strict frameworks. I observed that there were much deeper causes of human suffering that I couldn't address in my work. 

For example, I encountered terminally ill patients radiating inner peace and joy, while others were completely derailed by the slightest ailment. From this, I deduced that there was something even more important than physical health.

After a few years in official medicine, I embarked on a journey of more intense self-discovery, visiting numerous spiritual teachers in India and around the world. 

I realized that they all taught the same thing – guiding a person inward, where they can find lasting peace and satisfaction. Soon, I began discovering this within the depths of my own self.

Hypnotherapist Aleksander Gruncic Krajnc, M.D. | Slovenia | Croatia

During years of studying hypnosis, I gained profound insights into the structure of the human ego and the nature of human suffering in general. I continually enhance my expertise in the use of hypnotic techniques through studies at one of the best schools globally. My professional knowledge in official medicine is also of great help in working with my clients.I am also a partner, a father, and someone who simply enjoys connecting with people and genuinely listening to them.

With respect and complete dedication, I will stand by your side on the path of your personal transformation.

Hypnotherapist Aleksander Gruncic Krajnc, M.D. | Slovenia | Croatia
Hypnotherapist Aleksander Gruncic Krajnc, M.D. | Slovenia | Croatia
Hypnotherapist Aleksander Gruncic Krajnc, M.D. | Slovenia | Croatia


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